Quarantine Jam 3, Begin!

The pandemic and social isolation are in full bloom and we have reached the beginning of the Gothenburg Game dev communities reaction to present situations, Quarantine jam 3.

With quarantine jam 2 resulting in the TP grappling mummy FPS <a href=””>TP Wars</a> and the second in a minimal RTS prototype, QJ3 took to shuffled, crowd sourced Spotify playlists for generating a theme. Participants got to submit songs to a share playlist and today we picked two of them by random to make up the starting point for a month’s worth of jamming.

The choice landed on an ambient tune with an unreadable name (̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉) and a short but sweet parodic metal tune of an alien lord wanting coffee (ZTO). People speculated in various ways to interpret the two songs, pitched and came up with ideas. Teams were formed, and I landed with four wonderful people where among most I have not worked with before.

Collaboration with: Johan Handin | Sinan Erez | Zönkkatul … | Annie “Stridhz”…