A digital mirror for use in the retail store Monki. It was designed to work as a bridge between the old store testing room and current social media trends with the user in center.

Progress on prototypes

The digital mirror is coming together, though we haven’t found a good form for it yet. We went for textile, back projection to see if there is an interesting visualization in that. For the in-store display we have dressed styrofoam blocks in a smooth, black textile with openings for displays.

Thermochromatic animation

We shaped a hot wire like a Monki themed figure and heated it with batteries, controlled through a micro controller. It’s about time to put it together and see what it will look like. Other versions will have ipads in them.

Thermochromatic film

We have been experimenting with interesting visualization techniques for the Monki in-store display prototypes. The idea is to create an animation with hot wires behind a thermochromatic film, creating an unusual and perhaps surreal display.

Monki Prototyping

We are currently prototyping two concepts for the Monki project. One is a stylized in-store display and the other is a digital mirror with filter effects, inspired from the potentially upcoming app Snapchat.

Workshop at Monki HQ

We held a workshop together with the staff at the Monki HQ in Gothenburg. Using material from our ethnographical studies and using a methodology where we ideate several new ides stemming from identified needs and stories, visualizing them as short, unedited videos.