PvP FPS where players fling themselves and others around using, and hoarding, toilet paper.

End of the roll

Today we had a little show and tell over video link with the other jammers, as a neat way to wrap it all up. We were quite a few showing up for the final presentations, which was super fun. While I didn’t have too much time to spend on the jam, even given that it lasted for a whole month, I’m happy with how it turned out. I got to try some new things, like hosting games using Unity’s multiplayer service and using the new render pipeline and also got to work with new people. Video was recorded by LordDz.
Jam page at itch.io: itch.io/jam/quarentine-jam-gamedev-gbg

Final Touches

Haven’t had much time to work at the game recently, but between all of us we have managed to push our components into the same game. I added some place holder TP packs for something to pick up and refill ammo and also created a rudimentary start menu. Tomorrow is the final day.

Playtest & Stage

Today we finally got around to playtest together. All four of us in the group entered a session using the UNet match maker. While important features like some way to compete are still missing it was pretty fun and worked fairly well from a networking perspective. We also managed to get the base of Vidar’s sounds using FMOD into the game. Also, Johan have made a first version of the actual stage.

Double Roll & Ground

Yesterday I iterated on the TP rolls, changing them so that a player can have a variable number of them, something to explore and play with. The result was a more intuitive climbing interaction, nothing to novel though. Reminds me of Spiderman, Attack on Titan or the VR game Windlands. I addition to this, Johan started to really work on the look and feel of building blocks for the game world.

Rudimentary Multiplayer

The multiplayer aspect of this game is a key feature, especially given that people will only be able to play it together remotely now during the pandemic. What little time I had in the evening I spent on adding rudimentary multiplayer using UNet. I have not used their match making features previously, so this is a great time to try that out.

Quarantine Jam


So several events we were really looking forward to are cancelled due to the pandemic we’re all dealing with now. A bunch of us felt that it was appropriate to come up with something to do while we hide out in our apartment, to get creative together (over link) and make some games.

The theme landed on “My Corona”, accompanied by “My Sharona” by The Knack. We all pitched some ideas and I landed in a group where we will aim to build a multiplayer PvP, FPS game featuring toilet paper as the main tool of the player. We have yet to decide on many details, but it’s a start.

Collaboration with: Johan Handin | Vidar Mårtensson | Håkan “Fliktor” Andersson