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Runner concept

Still not much to report on anything dev related, except that Johan made some basic concept art for what the look and feel of the game might be.

Early ram-ification

Not much progress on the Unreal Engine side, I’ve not managed to wrap my head around doing basic things just yet. Johan have started on meshes for the player and platforms though, and Merve has made a neat tune for background music.

Of splines and modules

Our group is quite busy and only being able to collaborate online obviously does not make syncing easier. Up till now we’ve only been able to discuss some directions we could go with this ram character containing game. We are currently leaning towards a 2.5D endless runner with bendy or “spline based” platforms. Screen above is by Johan when describing how the platforms might fit together technically.

Quarantine Jam 3, Begin!

The pandemic and social isolation are in full bloom and we have reached the beginning of the Gothenburg Game dev communities reaction to present situations, Quarantine jam 3.

With quarantine jam 2 resulting in the TP grappling mummy FPS <a href=””>TP Wars</a> and the second in a minimal RTS prototype, QJ3 took to shuffled, crowd sourced Spotify playlists for generating a theme. Participants got to submit songs to a share playlist and today we picked two of them by random to make up the starting point for a month’s worth of jamming.

The choice landed on an ambient tune with an unreadable name (̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉) and a short but sweet parodic metal tune of an alien lord wanting coffee (ZTO). People speculated in various ways to interpret the two songs, pitched and came up with ideas. Teams were formed, and I landed with four wonderful people where among most I have not worked with before.

Collaboration with: Johan Handin | Sinan Erez | Zönkkatul … | Annie “Stridhz”…

End of the roll

Today we had a little show and tell over video link with the other jammers, as a neat way to wrap it all up. We were quite a few showing up for the final presentations, which was super fun. While I didn’t have too much time to spend on the jam, even given that it lasted for a whole month, I’m happy with how it turned out. I got to try some new things, like hosting games using Unity’s multiplayer service and using the new render pipeline and also got to work with new people. Video was recorded by LordDz.
Jam page at

Final Touches

Haven’t had much time to work at the game recently, but between all of us we have managed to push our components into the same game. I added some place holder TP packs for something to pick up and refill ammo and also created a rudimentary start menu. Tomorrow is the final day.

Playtest & Stage

Today we finally got around to playtest together. All four of us in the group entered a session using the UNet match maker. While important features like some way to compete are still missing it was pretty fun and worked fairly well from a networking perspective. We also managed to get the base of Vidar’s sounds using FMOD into the game. Also, Johan have made a first version of the actual stage.