Retro Game Fair 2017

And so it’s over. But what a great fair it was! We had some confusion regarding our entrance passes but otherwise everything went super well. Not all the cabinets would fit on the tables we had, but the two that eventually were excluded were the only ones that we couldn’t get anyone to fix, the rest worked really well. As for Virtual Böj, I choose to stand in the middle of the passing crowd rather than behind our tables. I guessed that visitors would need some encouragement to try it out and not using the table also freed up some space for another cabinet.

In general, the response to it was great. Many hadn’t tried anything VR before and were actually amazed by the stereoscopic experience, others who had experience with the real Virtual Boy, witnessed that it was a very genuine experience. Cool stuff, intense, and another cabinet builder found another exhibitor who could give us and what remained of the cardboard constructions once the cardboard was stripped away a ride back to the workshop were the equipment belonged.
Great jam, thanks to all the other participants and to the Retro Game Fair for the collaboration. : )

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