Back from Zaragoza

So I’m back from our first, proper pilot visit. These visits aim to let representatives give guided tours of the buildings that are supposed to be implemented in the game. In Zaragoza we have four pilots, San Pablo (main offices of the city development), Emmeline de Pankhurst (social housing complex), CIRCE head quarters (main offices of the research partner CIRCE) and Azucarera (an elementary school).

The visits were fun, I shot a lot of pictures and videos and asked questions where I saw fit. It must be said that I’m still not sure exactly how this reference material is going to be used, but I suppose it’s best to record the environments as well as I can.

However, my strongest impression of this trip did not come from the pilots but a vending machine. A hamburger, cooking machine situated outdoors. Obviously I had to try it… but I can only comment that I was not very impressed. Didn’t finish the burger. The mushroom tapas in a “hidden” alley where great though. : )