Science Fair and Crazy Children

I have been presenting the maker space Collaboratory which I am a member of in Gothemburg’s annual science fair this year. It was working at a few tables in the city’s largest mall and was hopefully able to learn some of the visitors something about tech, electronics and game design. There were a lot of crazy children though, some wild little creature almost managed to poison itself with plastic fumes when he decided it was a good idea to solder on a pot handle. When I was going to show him how to use a breadboard he had already managed to glue all the boards together with a glue gun. He used the same tool to quick fix the speaker of a Drawduino into not working. : P

I did make some progress on Solid Jumper in the chaos of all this (during the calmer periods), however I forgot to save most of it. Anyway, making games is partially design and this is something I saved in my head. : )