Latest project, here we go


So I haven’t been writing much here for awhile. However, a lot have happened since my last post. Most importantly I have finally decided to go down in work hours to 80%, so that I can have one extra day per week for my own projects. The plan is to use Fridays as my personal day since it connects nicely to the weekend. So I have been doing that for about a month and it’s great, though the decrease in salary is notable… but it’s an investment.

So the new project is called Slice and Dice. It’s a dungeon crawler in where I work with a strong theme of dice, exploring the properties of these classical game tokens. As a bonus I also get to return to procedurally generated worlds, something I started playing with back 2007 with the overly ambitious project which I only named “Browser game” or “World”. So, all in all, things are great. : )