Augmented reality, and the masters of science!

Today is my and my thesis partner’s official, planned first day of the project that will eventually grant us an accepted master of science thesis. We have decided to do a project for the independent research institute, The Interactive Institute (II). The con is that we will probably not get paid and are not guaranteed a future job… the pro is that we get to decide much regarding what kind of thesis we are writing.

The reason we picked II is that we got a project employment with them for TA2 after they had been recruiting during a lecture in an interaction design course we were taking. We got to know the studio here in Gothenburg, and they are a really fun bunch, playful but also knowledgeable.

Our plan is to try and do something with augmented reality, near field communication and interaction in games. I have wanted to do something in alternate realities for a while, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. We have already been working with NFC in TA2, but this time we will get to explore it with smart phones rather than equipment we had to make ourselves. :P