Art-if-Act was my submission for the Global Game Jam 2016. It is a mobile virtual reality game in which the player searches for hidden artifacts using sound and visuals. The game uses a novel pedometer approach to walking in virtual environments.

Finger Slinger

Finger Slinger is a Mobile VR game with gesture controls. It's the outcome from the Inceptive AR hackathon in Sant Feliu de Guíxols along the spanish coast north of Barcelona.

Gr3at Magici4an

This is one of my old projects which I am now picking off its dusty shelf in order to remake it from a PC to an Android game. I began working on it like 7 years ago. It is a platformer in which you play as the great magician. The game consist of a bunch of levels (with a pretty intense graphical style) and you must use the magicians magical powers to solve the puzzles on these levels. These powers include drawing platforms.

Helight Anfall

A game which is a fusion between the RTS genre and a typical JRPG battle system in SNES Final Fantasy style. Created for a game jam hosted by some of my students in a game developer course.

Loot of the Dead

This started out as a school project which I did with two friends. Now they are occupied with other things, but I'm looking into continuing the project. It is a rogue like Android game in which you play short instances of zombie survival in post apocalyptic worlds. Not only the world, but character meetings and story will be generated. I'm currently trying out a new game engine which will allow for quicker but more limited development.

Silver Rock

This is yet another of my old PC projects which I am now remaking for the Android OS. It's a SHUMP which used to offer coop hotseat gameplay. One player would control a ship using keyboard only and the other would use keyboard and mouse. For the smartphone context I'm experimenting with having more brief touch interaction and automatic firing.

Slice and Dice

A procedurally generated dungeon crawler for smartphone with a stong theme of dice. All items and character traits are represented by virtual dice.

Solid Climber

Inspired from the game Super Solid which I made together with some friends for the RSM gamejam 2014 I decided to make a smartphone game. It will feature fast-phased, generated action and quick game sessions.

TRIBE 2020

TRIBE Play it! is a simulation game built to inspire energy efficient behaviour.

Virtual Böj: Banana split vision

​A small platformer for mobile VR with a visual style inspired by the Nintendo console Virtual Boy. Made for the Banana Jam during the Retro Game Fair in Gothenburg.

Battle of Cheese

A simple old style screensaver featuring small figures fighting each other. There are two teams, the greens and the reds each using their own unique arsenal to take the other team down.

Blood Moon

Game developed for the GGJ 2013 together with two friends.

Cosmic Fates

Simulation game where multiple AI agents are generated into a virtual environment. Some agents are given special roles, such as "cosmic friends" or even murderer...


A combination of a 2D platformer and a RTS, Danh-Gbi is my take on a Kingdom-like game, iterating on my legacy project Battle of Cheese.

Day of Darkness


A megaman clone inspired by the reboot of the NES style remakes Megaman 9 and 10. Named after a good friend who enjoyed it. : )

Mr. One Hand Typer

Mr. One Hand Typer was made for a competition in which you were supposed to create a small puzzle game in a month or something. I made a typing game, but instead of training the player in fast typing it's more of just as mess. You type sentences which appear to the left while stearing a guy with the mouse to the right. When a correct letter is typed it will appear at random spot in the top and fall down. The guy has to collect it to score points. You must also be on the lookout for powerups and dangers which might spawn at any time.


Futuristic, sidescrolling boss rush game with RPG elements. Created during the Global Game Jam 2012.

Ram Game

Endless ram runner made in Unreal Engine for the Quarantine jam 3 during the Covid-19 pandemic.


An artistic game about creation, destruction and trans-dimensional gates. It was created during the Global Game Jam 2011 with my pals Todilo, tobijoh, MagaTome and Mandis.

Slappy the Slug

A VR slapping simulation by me and Ninja for the No More Sweden game jam 2017 in Malmö.

Stick Warrior 2

I have made a few attempts at making a sequel to one of my finished games, Stick Warrior. During this process I have learned quite a few useful things for my other projects, but not managed to make much of a game. I have a pretty good idea of what I want the game to be like though so maybe some day I will finish it. :3


A local multiplayer shooter for which the base was developed during the gamejam No More Sweden in 2014. The final product should be something like a Steam title to be played with 360 controllers.

Tharyn's Tale

This is a platform adventure rpg I have been working on for quite some time in various ways. You take control over the main character Cate Tharyn in her hunt for precious treasures and quest for revenge of her murdered parents. Some of the graphics are in pseudo 3D and the game can be played with gamepad (it is developed around the Dual Shock 2).

The Incredible Stick Warrior

A platform game where you try to reach the end of each level while collecting coins and fight opponents. It's a mix between a simple game, a fairly complex game (for what it is) and a weird graphical style.

TP Wars: Survival of the Shittiest

PvP FPS where players fling themselves and others around using, and hoarding, toilet paper.


Trauma-GUCCI was my submission for the No More Sweden gamejam 2015. It is a local multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Eeach player train their own trauma-guccis, small blob like animals, and send them into an arena where they battle the other players' guccis over precious genes and apples.

Founder's Keep

A top down mulitplayer dungeon crawler with a card based loot and equipment system. Originally made for Global game jam 2021, WebGL and

MakerDays is a conference where teachers and leaders in education are given to learn and share knowledge about maker culture and technologies as educational materials. The conference was held in 2015, 2016 and 2017. I helped organize it, build the webpage and led workshops and activities throughout the conferences.


FörskoleVis was which aspired to make preschools more energy efficient. We approached the issue from several angles, including the construction of a tool kit called Strömtjuven. It consisted among other things of a digital and analogue material to be used by kindergarten personnel together with the children.


Un-Ion is a top-down, 8-bit shooter. It's a small Pico-8 game made in a few days for the Fantasy Console Game Jam on


World is a MMO semi-realtime strategy which I started working on after discovering the wonders of programming. It was inspired from games like Travian but aimed towards exploring more advanced an alternative game mechanics. I will put a link here sometime in the future so that anyone who wants to try it can register and perhaps build a little village.

zTinker Updates

My project diary/portfolio page which is also the very site you are staring at right now.

zTinker Web Builder

A combined IDE and WYSIWYG editor for making webpages. A tool made for my ideal approach to making neat little sites.

Alla kan innovera!

A mashup between three concepts; a museum, an escape room and a multiplayer puzzle adventure in virtual reality. This interactive experience centers around innovation, in particular the that of heating throughout history.

Arcade Fussball

A prototype of what it would be like if a classical Fussball game was augmented with motors and game controllers.

Augmented Table Tennis

An augmented table tennis table which builds on MIT's Pingpong ++ project.

CoMa Fall

GGJ 2015

Enbarr mac Lir

A mobile VR where several players engage in competitive multiplayer racing. You are the mac Lirs, children of the sea. You must ride you mighty oceanic beasts (IKEA office chairs) to claim your birthright. Inspiration for the name comes from the Irish god Manannan mac Lir.


This is a group project me and some friends did as a station for an exhibition at a experience center called Universeum. It is designed for younger kids and while it is an actual game it i more centered around the ideas of exploration and playing. A pile of virtual leaves are projected onto the ground. Players can kick the leaves around physically by moving above the projection surface. Under the leaves there are hidden tokens. Players try to find all these in as little time as possible, though the game is really just a continues cycle of an interactive surface. When no one have played with it for a while foot steps will appear on the ground, showing bystanders how to play the game.

Monki Mirror

A digital mirror for use in the retail store Monki. It was designed to work as a bridge between the old store testing room and current social media trends with the user in center.

Nunovo Globo

Augmented balloons that communicate over WiFi to change color and register being hit.


A game built as an arcade cabinet for the retro game fair in Sweden, Gothenburg 2018. Two players battle it out, each controlling a snake-like finger picking boogers, all built into a physical, interactive nose.


RAGE was created in a project where we attempted to create an arcade gun. The idea was to design it so that the user would get a really heavy impression, both from the guns actual weight, its fake recoil and its interaction and visuals.

Rutch Race

Virtual reality game built to be played with motorized chairs to emulate a roller caster-like experience. Built as an attraction for the local amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Thinking Inside the Box

A physical game installation where a player enters a shelter in the shape of a giant head an an armchair. Inside the head, the player watches a virtual world through the head's eye sockets and controls it using joysticks on the arm rests of the armchair. Read more about Gabriella's work here:

Ugglan Flax is a project done as a collaboration between Interactive Institute and Utopia for the political week in Almedalen. It's the control page for a robot owl which sits on the shoulder of a person and makes the world a little more accessible. : )


In a not too distant future giant worms are eating and pooping their way through space. Certain gifted individuals have the ability to mind control these cosmic beasts, they are know as poopeteers.


New media applications and services are revolutionising social interaction and user experience in wide ranging industry sectors. The rapid emergence of human and environment sensing technologies, novel immersive presentation devices and high performance, globally connected network and cloud infrastructures is generating huge opportunities for application providers, service provider and content providers. These new applications are driving the convergence across devices, clouds, networks and services, and the merging of industries, technology and society.

NFC and AR

This thesis explores how augmented reality and near field communication can be used as means of interaction in mobile gaming. In specific three prototype games have been developed and are analysed to find new design patterns which are supported by augmented reality and near field communication. The methods and the process of the development are described and analysed. Four interaction design patterns were discovered during the course of the project which helped to show that augmented reality and near field communication can be used for new forms of interaction in mobile games.

Novel Interface Design for Augmented and Virtual Reality Binoculars for Outdoor Exhibitions

Two emerging technologies for visualization in museum exhibitions are augmented reality and virtual reality, using position and orientation sensors to map and overlay information using immersive visual aids. In this paper we develop a novel layer-based interface design enabling a user to shift between augmented and virtual reality through limited panning movements and focusing actions. This is developed using real time visualization technology with the use context of an unsupervised outdoor installation. A participatory development and design process is carried out in iterative steps, in which users explore means of interaction through an uninformed meeting with the technology driven by the users’ own curiosity. We show that users are able to navigate easily through multiple visualized layers through the limited interaction possibilities afforded by the hardware robustness requirements. Additionally the implemented interface is designed to be compatible with standard smartphone hardware with a minimum of specialized parts.

Together Anywhere, Together Anytime

Modern social media systems are geared to serving weak ties: informal collections of individuals acting in relative isolation. But what about strong ties: the family and friends who form life's inner circle? More and more people are living apart. Can technology help keep them together?

Watch out! Banana

Game development is an ever growing industry. To use modern frameworks is essential for todays developers if they are to keep up with the advancements in technology and understand the next-generation platforms. In this report we describe an attempt to develop a game from a conceptual idea into a functional product. It also describes the problems we encountered when using Microsoft's game development framework XNA Game Studio and how they were solved. The report will show that using a flexible work process could be vital for success.