RAGE was created in a project where we attempted to create an arcade gun. The idea was to design it so that the user would get a really heavy impression, both from the guns actual weight, its fake recoil and its interaction and visuals.

RAGE at RSM 2018

Brought the RAGE gun to the local, annual retro game fair. Super fun! While the main fair (consisting of a retro game market) was in a huge hall, indie games, game events and exhibitions were held in a nearby event house. It was super hot, but lots of people attended and the gun almost stole the show at times (especially when we lost power for a while and RAGE was the only thing relying on battery, my laptop, for visuals). Lots of kids loved it, I guess violence and VR can be a recipe for success there, but I had all sorts of players. Really looking forward to improving on it further.

RAGE at GDL 2018

I brought the RAGE gun together with the PickaBoog cabinet to the local game developer’s meetup, GDL, yesterday. The gun was really easy to bring now that it only needs to be connected via regular wall plug and USB. Sadly, given that I have focused mostly on PickaBoog lately, I did not manage to have new or figure out the old game from January this year. The event was in a club environment, suboptimal for last minute fixes, so people only got to try the recoil without the game or VR. Got some good feedback nevertheless, fun evening. :)

Prepped for GDL 2018

Tomorrow is GDL, a meetup for local game developers. I have signed up to showcase games and games I will show. I’m bringing the RAGE arcade gun along with the PickaBoog cabinet, both as is. They are by no means very polished pieces, but they are functional and I feel it will be super much fun if I can just manage to drag them there. I don’t really have a car to take them in, but I think it might work out with a bunch of large plastic bags and sheer grit.

More on gun, less on ground

We have successfully managed to improve on the gun on some well needed aspects. The handle had to be screwed onto the frame in order for it not to break of should the weight of the gun rest on it. The gun now has its own power supply attached, avoiding the need for a separate heap of metal to lay on the ground and preparing for a single cable solution. Furthermore, we have attached the air spray, though only physically, not functionally.

Upgrades in the other Workshop

So we finally got around to work in the other of our jobs’ workshops. This coincided with an upcoming project which I’ll be happy to write about in a little while, also VR related. Towards the end of the day we got around to do some upgrades on the gun. We gave the recoil its own power supply and added some springs to re-center the piston after use. Feels better, though we are still looking for more juice.

GGJ 2018 & RAGE 1.5

Global game jam, one of the great annual events! Several things have happened in my life, I turned 30 during jam and earlier this month I got a little child. So, it’s indie dev hard mode from here on, although I have a very neat full time job besides my game dev so I guess it’s not that hard mode… Anyway, this year’s GGJ theme was “transmission”. I, however, used the event to put together the RAGE gun and made a little game for it. To make it more convenient to bring to the venue, I picked up HP’s Mixed Reality HMD rather than the HTC Vive which is a little bulky to jam with. I also brought a new computer, with all that comes with it in terms of missing software and linking issues. So I had some issues, but in the end I had time to be with my family and not be stressed towards the end of the event, and I got something working out of it! I also had a bottle of sparkly wine. All in all, great event.

GGJ submission site:

Automat 2017

I attended this year’s Automat arcade event! It was super fun, attendance could have been better, but given the somewhat remote location and the wonderful visitors I think it was great never the less. Sadly, I didn’t have the time I had hoped for to prepare Enbarr mac Lir and RAGE for the event, so in the end Enbarr was pretty buggy and I didn’t even bring RAGE. The issue with Enbarr was mostly that I hadn’t had time to test it fully and the cables I brought were glitchy and such. I also managed to break one of the chair chips due to unexpected need to pack the chairs in a compact way… and then I had to fix a software thing rather than fixing a new chip for the chair. Well well, I had a really good time.

More on the event: Automatarkad at Tumblr

Cooling System mk1

Yesterday I did a hasty CAD for the connecting part between an air pressure spray can and the functional part of an Airwick Freshmatic and set up the print before heading out for indie game afterwork. Today I picked it up after lecturing a morning class and did a bit manual polish to get it to work. It’s not quite good enough, it needs some help to work. But the print took only 4 hours, so there should be no problems making some adjustments and printing a new version.

First Functional Handle

Had the gun handle printed this week with a Zortraz M200 and it worked out pretty well. Some common issues with printing, the trigger had the exact dimensions to fit into its slot, so it was too tight and a screw hole was to brittle so it broke off. However, these flaws came in handy because I had two full day workshops on the basics of 3D printing this week. Me and my friend also had the time to sit down with the new Enbarr and RAGE projects together for some after work hacking, and got the handle working.
Going to try and put parts of an actual game together for the gun this weekend.