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Successful Inauguration

Well, I won’t lie. We were not very sure that this would turn out well until a few hours ahead of the opening. The solutions we needed to get everything to work turned out to be a little more complex than anticipated. The tools developed for telling stories in the game turned out to be a little harder to use than expected and the physical setup also turned out to be a challenge. Nevertheless, today was a success.

Tech problem wise our only issue was that we didn’t manage to pull as many user groups through the experience as we could have. But we got plenty of testers and once the game worked, it worked. Time to catch up on some sleep. : )

Tune in to fine tuning

The press release went OK today. We had a team over from radio and another over from a newspaper. The installation worked somewhat at their arrival, but wasn’t very stable and I didn’t really have the setup to analyze what was going on.

Once the press had left and we got the opportunity to have a look at the system and its quirks, we actually managed to get the base scenario to run quite well towards the end of the day. So I feel hopeful with a few days to go before the official opening.

Push for press release

Tomorrow some news papers will come by the museum and want to try out our prototype. Since I still hadn’t gotten everything to work, I spent quite a few hours to make sure that it was as feasible as possible to have something decent to show. Not optimal, but sometimes it’s hard to find an optimal solution…

We’ll go to the museum early tomorrow so I’ve done my best to prepare, both the software and for the last setup of the installation. I feel fairly confident that something will work tomorrow at the moment, so now we’ll just have to hope and be flexible. Such is the nature of experimental development. :)

A night at the museum

Today I went to the museum where the escape room will be part of an exhibition. It’s in a nearby town, one hour single trip by bus which goes every ten minutes or so. While there are a lot of issues with the software still, the physical installation comes with its own challenges.

So I spent this day installing computers and software, with really poor Internet (ofc) either using the city grid which could only be accessed in a separate room for the exhibition and using little WiFi dongles, using my phone hot spot and some municipal wired grid which kicked me out after a little while. We were also missing necessary video cables, but I managed to work around it with adapters I usually bring wherever I go and sharing a screen between two computers.

Everything is still not set up after having worked quite a few hours after the museum personnel left the building. At least I got to hang out with their headless, swamp buried corpse thought to have been a witch… I’m not even really complaining, in the end it’s all kind of fun. : )

RSM 2019

The jam, exhibition and fair were all complete successes! I had a great evening at this year’s retro game fair. We had lots of players, both on the first, more intense day, but also on the second one. I solved a bunch of design flaws ahead of the second day. Lots of people showed up and did their part as well as helped each other out letting everyone have a chill time. Pretty much all setup and practicalities were super smooth. Not all cabinets made it all the way, but to me that’s just part of being experimental (which is good).

Thanks everyone for a great event!

Nose picked at local newspaper!

Today concluded our annual game jam for the annual, local retro game fair. Brought the old PickaBoog to this year’s fair (made it for last year’s). It made it into the local newspaper through an interview with some of the other jammers. : )

Final evening & move to site

Today was the final day to prepare ahead of the fair. Josef had made a super cool intro image which I added and animated. I manage to tie the game loop together somewhat. People were great at building their stuff and we moved pretty much all the cabinets to the venue. Me and another guy organizing the thing will be here early tomorrow to move some more stuff before the fair opens though. Really looking forward. : )

Bonus third build evening

It’s the workers holiday today in Sweden which is a red day. I had promised to babysit my kids cousin today, but I managed to haggle my way into getting the family to attend our workshop as a type of kindergarten, allowing me to host builders during the day.

Not the same presence as the last evening, but really good nevertheless. Also managed to get hold of the fair organizers and clear up all details surrounding the actual event where we will showcase our creations.