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Project Presentation at SBC in Amsterdam

We attended the Smart Building Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There I held a little talk on game design and gamification in the TRIBE project and energy efficiency in buildings in general. A short visit, just like the previous one in this project, but at least I had the opportunity to travel there a day earlier and meet up with an old friend who lives there. Good times, drinks and food were had.

Upgrades in the other Workshop

So we finally got around to work in the other of our jobs’ workshops. This coincided with an upcoming project which I’ll be happy to write about in a little while, also VR related. Towards the end of the day we got around to do some upgrades on the gun. We gave the recoil its own power supply and added some springs to re-center the piston after use. Feels better, though we are still looking for more juice.

GGJ 2018 & RAGE 1.5

Global game jam, one of the great annual events! Several things have happened in my life, I turned 30 during jam and earlier this month I got a little child. So, it’s indie dev hard mode from here on, although I have a very neat full time job besides my game dev so I guess it’s not that hard mode… Anyway, this year’s GGJ theme was “transmission”. I, however, used the event to put together the RAGE gun and made a little game for it. To make it more convenient to bring to the venue, I picked up HP’s Mixed Reality HMD rather than the HTC Vive which is a little bulky to jam with. I also brought a new computer, with all that comes with it in terms of missing software and linking issues. So I had some issues, but in the end I had time to be with my family and not be stressed towards the end of the event, and I got something working out of it! I also had a bottle of sparkly wine. All in all, great event.

GGJ submission site:

Divine Attack, Jam Over

So the jam is over, I think it was a really cozy and inspiring one. Cheers to all my fellow game deveers attending and I hope that something I have taught them thus far was of use. : ) As for me, I didn’t quite reach all the way to a full blown prototype of my game, but it was very presentable and I think the idea was clear.

Thanks for a cool jam!

Final General Assembly in Paris

We went for a final meeting with all of the partners hosted by our French colleagues at BIO by Deloitte. Generally a good meeting, although we all feel that we would have loved to do more with the project. It’s the good old issue of “if we had only known what we know now at the start”, but all in all I’m happy with what I have contributed with.

It’s jam time!

A game dev class which I’m teaching programming to are hosting a game jam, and I’m pumped. : ) They choose a pretty interesting procedure to create a theme for the jam, an open Spotify playlist (to which all attendees can submit songs) and three songs will then be shuffle picked at the start of the jam. I’m attending of course, and one of my songs were actually picked, making it extra fun.

So themes are:
J-E-S-U-S spells Jesus (weird church gospel)
The art of dying (slow melancholy electronic, metal)
In the waiting line (pretty nifty electronic)
Humans are such easy prey (my song, cool, hard electric)

I felt there was an obvious sort of religious, after-life, temptation theme. In my early ideation I came up with wanting to create a mix between an RTS and a JRPG battle system Final Fantasy style.

I couldn’t join at the start because of work, but I got started in the evening of the first day. The second day we spent in one of the jammers freelance office, very neat, they had a snow scooter. Will be interesting to see where it ends up.

Automat 2017

I attended this year’s Automat arcade event! It was super fun, attendance could have been better, but given the somewhat remote location and the wonderful visitors I think it was great never the less. Sadly, I didn’t have the time I had hoped for to prepare Enbarr mac Lir and RAGE for the event, so in the end Enbarr was pretty buggy and I didn’t even bring RAGE. The issue with Enbarr was mostly that I hadn’t had time to test it fully and the cables I brought were glitchy and such. I also managed to break one of the chair chips due to unexpected need to pack the chairs in a compact way… and then I had to fix a software thing rather than fixing a new chip for the chair. Well well, I had a really good time.

More on the event:

Cooling System mk1

Yesterday I did a hasty CAD for the connecting part between an air pressure spray can and the functional part of an Airwick Freshmatic and set up the print before heading out for indie game afterwork. Today I picked it up after lecturing a morning class and did a bit manual polish to get it to work. It’s not quite good enough, it needs some help to work. But the print took only 4 hours, so there should be no problems making some adjustments and printing a new version.

System Test

Managed to get to test most of the system this week (only missing part is network and having four players at once). After some minor bug fixes it worked rather nicely with the chair rotation and back pumping. There are a few issues though, most notably the game is too heavy too run at a good frame rate on our available phones. The plan is to try to find the right balance between flow and graphical quality this weekend.
Next steps will include coding new logic for smoother lan connection and race rules as well as testing with four players.

First Functional Handle

Had the gun handle printed this week with a Zortraz M200 and it worked out pretty well. Some common issues with printing, the trigger had the exact dimensions to fit into its slot, so it was too tight and a screw hole was to brittle so it broke off. However, these flaws came in handy because I had two full day workshops on the basics of 3D printing this week. Me and my friend also had the time to sit down with the new Enbarr and RAGE projects together for some after work hacking, and got the handle working.
Going to try and put parts of an actual game together for the gun this weekend.